Roland Chorus Echo SRE-555 – Pro Serviced


Roland Chorus Echo SRE-555 in excellent shape, used in Pro Studio.

Just back from full In Pro Service, so it can be enjoyed for years without issues.
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Report details:
– Cleaning of exterior of device
– Cleaning of interior of device
– Thorough cleaning of all potentiometers, Tape head Mode Selector and volume slide switches.
– Cleaning of jack sockets
– Thorough cleaning of tape reservoir underneath the plastic cover. Removal of old tape stains and dirt.
– Removal of tape tension spring, cleaning of tape tension spring velt. Put on new adhesive on velt part. Mounting and adjusting of tape tension spring leaf for optimum tape pressure torque.
– Cleaning, refining and repositioning of the other tape velts (also put on new double sided adhesive tape) and every other part in the tape path: capstan, pinch roller, tape guides, tape heads, tape bearings. Pinch roller and bearings have been taken apart for deep, thorough cleaning.
– Demagnetizing of tape heads
– Put on a brand new SoundGAS tape loop.
– Adjustment of azimuth of record playback heads for optimal clear frequency response. Securing the azimuth adjustment screws with locktite.
– Adjustment of echo playback head output levels and tape echo intensity (feedback) calibration. Now the RE-501 is able to self-oscillate (feedback) easily when the Intensityconrol is set over 65% – depending on input volume, tape heads selected and the tape speed. Because tape output volume will drop a bit during the hundreds of hours this tapeloop will be useful in good audioquality, there is plenty of headroom to compensate for lower tape output volume and still have the possibility to go for self-oscillating tape echo sounds when desired
– Cleaning of reverb tank and reverb tank connectors. Securing reverb tanks connectors with tiewraps. There still was an issue with the reverb tank, though: the reverb would selfoscillate/resonate at almost all audio input frequencies, leading to an almost unusable reverb sound. It turns out that when the tape echo was rotated to its side or upside down, this problem goes away and the reverb sounds like it should. But of course the reverb tank should work in the position it is intended to use for. Disassembly of the reverb tank. Everything looks good to the inspecting eye, but somehow gravity makes a difference where the reverb tank behaves differently when tilted/rotated other ways around. The four dampening springs standoffs are ok, the internal reverb coil cart doesn’t colllide to the outer reverb tank housing so this is very strange how it still makes a difference how it is rotated. This peculiar issue was finally resolved by adjusting (increasing) the spring tension of the reverb coil itself: they got loosened a bit during the 40 years after manufacture which resulted in this odd behaviour.
– After about an hour, the tape began to slow down until it eventually stopped. It turned out that the pinch roller pressure was not right. Adjustment of pinch roller solenoid pressure. Fixating the calibrated adjustment screw with a drop of superglue.
– Lubricated the gliding wheels of the SRE-555 ‘rack trolley cart’ with silicone oil.

After the maintenance & repair was done:



You will receive:

  • Roland Chorus Echo SRE-555
  • Manual (copy pdf)
  • Power Cord
  • Invoice including 3 months warranty
  • Service Report