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EMS Sequencer 256

Up for offer an ulta rare EMS Sequencer 256.
This is #10 of 24 ever built.

This specific one is even rarer as it was modified in order to add to layer 4, formerly designed to record a pulse only (mostly used to send the reset signal at the end of the sequence) CV outputs like layers 1 2 3 The mods were performed by the first owner, the German musician Juergen Karg, who used it on his ‘Elektronische Mythen’ album, recorded with 4 Synthis and 2 Sequencer 256’s. I know no other unit with these great extra features which makes it possible to control 4 synths at the same time. He also added 2 VC slew limiters (thus 3 in total), and made the original one related to CV A only patchable next to the 2 extra ones.


Was Fully serviced together with Synthi 100 not long time ago and now Rechecked and Serviced what needed, by EMS expert Constantin Papageorgiadis (Portabellabz).
Pickup is preferred, shipping possible. Get in touch for accurate shipping quote.



You will receive:

  • EMS Sequencer 256
  • Power Cable
  • Multi Connection cable (hooking up to 4 devices, 24 pins)
  • Manual (Copy pdf)
  • Ocsidance Invoice including 3 months warranty
  • Service Report