Iwen Legro

In by Dennis Hahn

Fast and helpful communication. Dennis immediately helped me out with all the questions I had and was very fast with his responses. The synth was in the condition I expected and was very carefully wrapped and packaged. If there’s ons thing that could be better it’s the display of VAT per item (also for items with no VAT). Under Dutch law this is deductible for companies and I sorta assumed my purchase to be in the 21% category so I could’ve deducted it. Was kind of a let down to discover it was under the 0% category which made my purchase a bit more expensive than I anticipated. Of course this is 100% my responsibility, but it would’ve appreciated it if this was mentioned more clearly, so no misunderstanding would’ve been possible. Of course this is a very minor detail and my overall conclusion is that Oscidance is VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!