Roland TR-909 PSU – New


Chance to get a well designed Brand New TR-909 PSU (A quality parts).
Assembled and invented by highly experienced vintage instrument technician.


  • Replacement Dead / Poor PSU
  • Replacement existing TR-909 PSU.


  • More Silent (improvement hum)
  • Less Heat
  • More Efficient Power Consumption (+ 30%)
  • Universal Voltage (100-240V)
    No need to change voltage internally or using external transformers.

Installment adviced to be done by technician (Responsibility for customer).
Price stated including 21% VAT. Deductible for companies or when delivery is outside Europe.

Possibly to install upon request, in current / upcoming TR-909’s, listed in our webshop.

UGS : 975-2-2-1 Catégories : ,


You will receive:

  • TR-909 Power Supply Unit (Boxed)
  • Installation Manual
  • Ocsidance Invoice including 3 months warranty (21% VAT included)