Roland RE-501


Roland RE-501 in excellent condition, used in Studio.
Just back from full Pro Service (Report included).


Summary work done:
– Cleaning of exterior of device
– Cleaning of interior of device
– Thorough cleaning of all potentiometers, Tape head Mode Selector and volume slide
– Cleaning of jack sockets
– Thorough cleaning of tape reservoir underneath the plastic cover. Removal of old tape
stains and dirt. Cleaning of sticker glue residues on plastic tape reservoir cover
– Removal of tape tension spring, cleaning of tape tension spring velt. Put on new adhesive
on velt part. Mounting and adjusting of tape tension spring leaf for optimum tape pressure
– Cleaning of the other tape velts (also put on new double sided adhesive) and every other
part in the tape path: capstan, pinch roller, tape guides, tape heads, tape bearings. Pinch
roller and bearings have been taken apart for deep, thorough cleaning.
– Demagnetizing of tape heads
– Put on a brand new SoundGAS tape loop.
– Adjustment of echo playback head output levels and tape echo intensity (feedback)

Now the RE-501 is able to self-oscillate (feedback) easily when the intensity is set
over 70% – depending on input volume, tape heads selected and the tape speed.
– Adjustment of azimuth of record playback heads for optimal clear frequency response.
Securing the azimuth adjustment screws with locktite.
– Removal of broken power switch with was permanently set to “on” position. Sourced a
replacement power switch. Soldered and mounted the new, identical fitting power switch.
– Cleaning of reverb tank and reverb tank connectors. Securing reverb tanks connectors with




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You will receive:

  • Roland RE-501
  • 2 New Spare Tapes
  • Manual (Copy Pdf)
  • Invoice including 3 months warranty
  • Service Report