Roland CR-78 – Pro Serviced


This CR78 has been previously used in pro studio and in beautiful condition.
Just back from Full Pro service, so it can be enjoyed for years without issues (Report included).

CHD Midi kit & programmer included.

Report Details:
– General cleaning of interior and exterior of device
– Cleaning of audio jack sockets on rear side
– Removal of CPU and EPROM from their sockets to give the sockets a good cleanup. Replaced the CPU and EPROM and fixated them with hotglue because otherwise these devices can probably fall out of their sockets when shocks during transport occurs.
– Installation of new 3,6V lithium battery, modification of battery charge circuit to make it compatible with lithium battery technology. Fixing battery with tie-wrap.
– Thorough cleaning of all potmeters and all (rotary) switches
– Thorough cleaning and lubrication of the five volume/instrument sliders. Reglueing of slider dust guards.
– Desoldering of all 12 capacitors on the logic circuit (CPU) board, put in 12 fresh A-quality capacitors. Some of the leaky capacitors had corroded away a bit of the PCB pads where they were soldered into. Those fragile, non-good conductive pads are bridged over with the excess legs of the new capacitors for good stable connection.
– Desoldering of all 12 capacitors (including the power supply buffer capacitors) on the analog voice / power supply board, put in 12 fresh A-quality capacitors. Put some hotglue on the big buffer caps for extra stability. Also put some fixating hot glue over a few larger ceramic disk capacitors, whose legs can easily break off when bending too much.

After the maintenance was done:
– Durability test to ensure all keeps working well. Devices sounds and operates smoothly, user rhythms can be programmed and are kept in the memory. Test passed

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You will receive:

  • Roland CR-78
  • CHD Midi kit & Programmer
  • Manual (Copy pdf)
  • Ocsidance invoice including 3 months warranty
  • Service Report