Sold Out!

Eventide H3000 – Upgraded – Expanded – Pro Serviced

Up for offer an Eventide H3000 including expnasion. Handeled with care in studio and in very good condition

Just back from Pro Service:

– Eprom H3500B Upgrade set, maximum presets / latest OS Version
– Recap PSU
– Noise Eliminiation
– Factory Loaded
– …

Now it’s the desired H3500B-DFX Version AND has the Interface Board TSC3000
Plug & play. Sold with invoice incl warranty.




You will receive:

  • Eventide H3000 D/SE with maximum preset / OS upgrade H3500B-DFX
  • Interface Board TSC3000
  • Power Cable
  • Manual (Copy)
  • Ocsidance Invoice incl 3 months warranty
  • Service Report