Roland TR-707


Roland TR-707 in excellent shape.

Just back from Pro Service, so it can be enjoyed for years without issues.



We can install Rom expansion upgrade from HKA Design upon request.

Info upgrade:
This non-invasive, reversible mod allows switching between eight banks of sounds (it still operates exactly as a stock 727 at power up). Featuring new drum sounds in each kit. The last two sounds (707 crash + ride or 727 quijada + chime) remain the same across all banks, as they are stored on their own ROMs.
Bank switching is done by holding down one of the first 8 step keys while turning the machine on. The setting is remembered and will be recalled the next time it’s turned on.
The banks included are:

  • TR-707
  • TR-727
  • TR-808
  • TR-909
  • LinnDrum
  • LM-1
  • DMX
  • TR-707 + TR-727 mix


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You will receive:

  • Roland TR-707
  • Power Adapter
  • Ocsidance Invoice including 3 months warranty
  • Service Report