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EMS Synthi E Special Edition

This Synthi E has been owned by collector. A unique and 1 of a kind Prototype of the Synthi E. It is just back from a full Pro service/overhaul as it was not used for many years. Sliders /  potmeters / switches all working 100%.

Pro Service:
– Psu restoration (rebuilt voltage regulators pcb section)
– External psu (ac custom built)
– Amplifier and mixer fixed
– Lfo influence in VCO section fixed
– Trapezoid generator fixed
– Filter section fixed
– general test and calibrations done

Very fat filter section, 2 ribbon controllers. Separate audio out /  Speakers inside + oscilloscope out.
It works on and external PSU (no batteries).

Protected from dust when not in use.
Tested & in Full working order.



You will receive:

  • Ems Synthi E Prototype
  • Manual
  • Power adapter
  • 15 patch cables
  • Ocsidance Invoice
  • Service Report