EMU SP-1200 – Forat Midi – 21% VAT


Rare E-MU SP-1200 Reissue in top shape wih Forat midi and more.
Previously used in pro studio.

Custom external Lotharek HxC drive that has been modified by Forat to act as a toggle box, giving the user the ability to boot, load and save from either floppy or HxC files on SD card.

When the toggle switch is up, it boots, loads and saves from the HxC. When it the downward position it defaults to the floppy. This allows you to archive old beats at the flip of a switch.

Full Inspection / Testrun, so it can be enjoyed for years without issues.
21% VAT included in the price. Deductable for companies or when living outside Europe.



You will receive:

  • EMU SP-1200 Reissue
  • Custom extranal Lotharek HXC drive to SD drive (by Forat)
  • Upgraded LED screen
  • Floppy OS v1.2, SD card with virtual OS the E-Mu factory discs in HxC format, as well as an incredible set of original E-Mu and Kid Nepro floppies (+OS 1.2)
  • Custom Cover
  • Manual (Copy PDF)
  • Power Cord
  • Ocsidance Invoice including 3 months warranty (21% VAT)
  • Service Report