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ARP 1623 Analog Sequencer

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Up for offer a Arp 1623 Sequencer, used in Studio.
Just back from a full Pro Service, so can be enjoyed for years without issues.
-All Silders cleaned/serviced
-All sliders have new sliderknobs
-All Switches cleaned/serviced
-Elco’s are recapped
-Full test run

220V model.
Serial Number: 16230137


This is the 2nd of 2 versions of ARP Sequencer produced – it’s got a smaller footprint than the later version, is lighter weight, and is made to match some of the later ARPs, though it will still look rather pretty next to earlier ARPs or synths by other brands.
This analog sequencer was designed to be used with the ARP 2600 and Odyssey but will work with many other analog synths with CV and gate inputs. Instead of entering notes from a keyboard, this sequencer gives you knobs to tweak the pitch with your fingers – all you have to do is dial up the sequence you want, with no knowledge of notes necessary.

Since this sequencer outputs voltages, as long as you have the right connections on your synth, you can use it to control other voltage controlled parameters – many old and now new analog synths have CV inputs for volume and filter frequency, which can also be controlled from this sequencer. ARP seq’s are great for people who like to tweak until they come up with something interesting. It’s a much more hands on and experimental approach to making music.

This sequencer is the perfect tool for recreating that early electronic music vibe, is great for making new techno loops or experimental music. It’s not just limited to these styles but is best suited to them. It’s an excellent piece to interface with most modular synthesizers because it has patch points for everything.